Powerful, Free SEO Tools

Here are the main SEO Tools currently provided by Loud Interactive.

1. SERP Results Download - This tool allows you to download the first 100 search results (Bing or Google, Only 50 for Yahoo!) for any given term or list of terms provided in a CSV file or pasted directly into the tool. The CSV file must have the URL in the first column and have no empty rows in the file until the end of the list of URLs.

NOTE: You MUST have your own API credentials to use this tool. You must have billing enabled in the API tool to get more than 100 data points returned. You can sign up for an API by following the instructions provided here. Tip: When setting up this account, setup a custom search engine that searches the entire web. You'll need to put in a domain name it should focus on at first but you can delete it later.

Google Bug Alert: The new API console has a bug and won't allow you to change the API limit to more than 1,000 requests per day even though the limit is actually 10,000 requests per day. Use the old console interface to change the API limit. The link to the old Google API console is here.

2. 80 Legs Parser - During the normal course of work at Loud Interactive, we utilize scrapers and other tools to help speed up the processes we have to get clients results. This tool was built to help parse a JSON file output by 80Legs into a CSV file. The tool is now deprecated because of the default output option of CSV now being offered by 80 Legs.

3. Moz URL Metrics - This tool allows you to grab URL metrics offered by Moz.com for up to 10,000 URLs at a time. It processes at about 1,000 URLs a minute. This is an excellent SEO tool to help grab competitive data or evaluate your own site strengths and weaknesses.

Note: You must have your own Moz API account setup to use this tool. You can get a Moz API account by following the instructions provided here.